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iysw.me's Electronic Recipe Book

Thinking about what to say! Haha. 
This makes me self-conscious. Here goes...

This blog was started to corral all the little hand scrawled recipes on little tiny bits of paper lying everywhere, taking up more and more space. I refer back to it often and like how I can search at the top, or narrow down by cuisine, rather than flip through my old tattered indexed file. 

It contains some treasured family recipes as well as some other experiments. It also has extracts of two recipe book projects that family collaborated on, a Chinese book and a Macanese book.

My favorite reader comment is from Maria on the 23rd of March 2013. She wrote: 
You did a wonderful job with Nossa Familia, recipes and family stories. The recipes you posted brought back so much memories! Maria
That means so much to me, I hope this blog enables people to give Macanese and Chinese food a go, as sometimes what is online is hard to find or confusing. 

I enjoy the freedom and creativity of having a space to write on to, whether for my eyes only or for others to enjoy and use with me too. You will probably find many spelling mistakes and grainy photos, but if you don't mind that then Follow Me and my Lychee avatar on this blog http://iyswme-e-recipebook.blogspot.com/ or on Google + https://plus.google.com/105002123735607706918.


I have absolutely no problem with anyone re-posting my recipes or photos as long as they attribute that they got it from this site. There are only 2 exceptions to the above rule:

1. You cannot use the content of this site for personal gain e.g. to sell the recipes or the food from the recipes.
    Using the recipes for school or church fundraising is fine and encouraged.  

2. You cannot use my photos that have people in it (i.e. myself, my family and friends). 
    Photos of the food without people in it is fine.

God Bless!