Elna wrote down this recipe of Ama’s when we were making the cookbook, which was told to her verbally as oysters are hard to come by these days.  Then I got to watch Ama cook this after her birthday. She was funny as her first batch was not perfect so she cooked another batch, and the aunties said now she has a "published cookbook" she wants it to be perfect. I took a video to get the exact quantities, but unfortunately I'm having computer issues and have to go find the backup to extract it. Till then, there is below:

Oysters, fresh and small sized
Onion, thinly sliced
Salt & Pepper
Potato Starch
Spring Onions, sliced

Marinate the oyster with salt, pepper and potato starch.
Beat the eggs and season it with salt.
Add the beaten eggs to the oysters just before cooking.
Preheat the oil in the wok until hot then fry the mixture.
Quickly add the onions. Only add the spring onions at the end of cooking.