I got this off my boss, when he was getting recipes from his mum.

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1 Tin                       Tomato puree
1 Whole                Cabbage              
500g                      Beef Mince
500g                      Bacon
1cup                       Rice
1 tsp                       Paprika
1                              Onion
To taste                Salt & Pepper

        Pre-heat oven to a low temperature.
Fry onion and bacon.
When cooked add the beef mince and paprika
In the meantime, take the leaves off the cabbage and boil until cooked, then drain and set aside.
Boil rice in salted water for approx 7mins until cooked.
Mix the rice with the beef mix.
Add a desert spoon of the mixture into each cabbage leaf then roll to form a sausage shape.
Grease a baking dish and place the cabbage rolls in the dish.
Pour the tomatoes puree over the rolls, and place the remaining cabbage leaves on the top, then bake slow for 45mins.


  1. i love this dish!! i had something like it in a polish restaurant <3

  2. AH! Well my boss' mum is Maltese, I don't know if they have similar cuisines.


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