SW loves this. It is so hard to get her to eat pasta but this she will eat the leftovers for breakfast.

250g pasta noodles, traditionally fettuccine but my family only likes spaghetti...

3 handfuls of sliced mushrooms, any type will do
2 cloves of garlic, sliced
2 handfuls of sliced spring onions.
300g of streaky bacon, no low fat stuff here

150ml cream, any type will do
3 eggs, always free range

Cook pasta in boiling salted water until al dente. Drain, set aside..see  * below.

Fry mushrooms in butter. Just a handful at a time so that the mushrooms stew. Set aside.
Fry sliced garlic, spring onions and bacon until bacon is cooked and slightly crispy. You shouldn't need to add much olive oil, if any, coz the fat will render out of the bacon. 

Whisk cream and eggs.  * Traditionally you would put toss the HOT pasta into this sauce but I'm never good with timing so to be sure that the eggs are not raw, I heat up the pasta back in its pot and pour the sauce over. Toss until cooked. Its not supposed to be giant chunks of scrambled egg by the way.

I suppose if you wanted it to look pretty you would pile pasta in a bowl and pour the bacon mix and mushrooms on top. But I'm not fussed and toss the bacon mix and mushrooms with the pasta in the pot and serve from the pot.

p.s.: I don't salt because I don't like a lot of salt and because the bacon is salty.