NATA (Cream Pastries aka Portuguese Custard Tarts)


By Guilly


Left over Puff Pastry


3 eggs

½ pint (0.284l) milk,

Sugar to taste


Roll out remnant of Puff Pastry thinly and cut into rounds to fit one dozen and a half little cups or putaos.Put each round of pastry in a cup, and press a little to shape it and leave for later.


Beat the 3 eggs in a bowl for 2 minutes, add milk gradually and sugar to taste. Stir well till all the sugar is dissolved and fill each prepared cup with this custard. Half full will be enough. If you will fill ¾ be careful that the filling does not run outside of the pastry when being placed in the oven.

Have a very hot over for this, and put in the upper shelve so that the custard can be nicely browned by the time the pastry is cooked. When done, put on a wire sieve to cool.

Suitable for 4 o’clock tea.