Yi Anne Coffee Shop, Sekama

Yi Anne Coffee Shop, Sekama


We arrived bright and early, notice the yawns.

Teh Tarik

Chen Noodles

Red Bean Pao and Kiao

This is a typical Malaysian establishment with many different little hawkers, you go up to each one, place your order and pay then sit down and they deliver it. As usual a separate drinks waiter will appear to take your drinks order. 

I like the little marble tables with glass stools along the perimeter where the old seasoned customers were sitting. We're too chubby and too many so we sat at the normal plastic tables. he table was very dirty, we wiped with the a wet wipe and a clean streak appeared like in TV detergent advertisements.

eg.me didn't think the Kolo Mee here (not pictured) was very good, but we have frequented this shop a few times with his parents as they like the Cheng Noodles here. I'd never tried Cheng Noodles before so it was a new dish.