Don’t throw away any left over soup you may have at the end of the meal, keep it as stock for other dishes. Don’t forget stock can always be frozen.

Chicken or Pork Bones
Fried Ikan Bilis (dried anchovies)
Chinese Cabbage
Garlic, ½ clove
White Pepper, lots

To Steamboat:
Anything you fancy that is uncooked. For inspiration see photo.
Items such as meat should be thinly sliced to speed up cooking process.

Boil up stock beforehand. You will need to keep some in reserve to top up the steamboat as dinner goes on.
For dinner, bring you stock up to the boil, add your selected pieces, cover and wait till the stock boils again, then fish out your food!
N.B.: Do allow the stock to BOIL after adding the raw food to make sure it is cooked.