Day 2: Roasted Eggplant Salad

This is an example of the type of food that they serve for lunch at St John of God Subiaco hospital for new mothers:
Apple Juice
Pumpkin Soup
Wholemeal Roll with Butter
Roasted Eggplant Salad with Ricotta (Cold)
Cut Assorted Melons

I think the whole meal except perhaps the pumpkin soup goes against traditional Chinese concepts of confinement food but it really is delicious. I can't praise the hospital enough in every aspect and even with the other two kids, the food was great. What is extreamly interesting is that of course, the food is portioned the way the TV tells you food should be portioned. And when I look at it, I think I can easily eat twice as much as this, which shows how much I overeat. was horrified when I told him that's normal healthy portions.

Its funny now, each time we go back they have updated the was food is served and ordered to make it more efficient. With, 10 years ago, we got a little menu so less choice for us and then little menu had recipes to help you at home. Then with I can't remember, with gg,me they had little paper to tick, now with they have a computer print out, so much choice and they take orders two days in advance. It must be so hard to be a hospital, you have to make sure your medical standards are up to scratch, then you have the whole cleaning and catering aspect. It's like a hotel only more complicated!