Deep Fried Nian Gao 炸年糕

At the end of term 1 Chinese School SMC's morning tea, one of the ladies brought in a tray of these: deliciously warm, gooey, sweet pancakes with sweet potato & Nian Goa inside. I ate, literally, at least 8 of these, which was a third of the tray. 

I thought she was a genius! That she had invented this dish! I asked her for the recipe which I'll put below but she was really blase about it, not in a mean way, in a really humble way like the snack is nothing special and its so easy. By the way, Pa says she did not invent this dish, its apparently a common street snack in Malaysia. Pft, once again proof I know nothing about living in Malaysia.

Well to me the recipe is not enough for me to recreate the dish so I found one online that may be better, I haven't tried it yet. The reason why I picked this recipe to try later is because her photo looks most like the photo of the exact one I ate that morning, in terms of Nian Gao and sweet potato thickness. The batter on her picture is thinner and crisper, this one was thicker and soft.

Nian Gao, cut into slices
Sweet Potato, sliced thinly then microwaved so its at least par cooked
Usual Pancake batter

Sandwich a slice of Nian Gao and sweet potato together, slip into the pancake batter then straight into the pan. I think she said to pan fry, but most online recipes say to deep fry. If pan frying, flip then drain on paper towels.