Puff Pastry Pizza

I don't know if you've realized yet but we really like puff pastry. The family also really like pizza, and I love the taste of homemake pizza dough which I've done successfully before, but I never seem to have the time to make it . So... compromise... puff pasty pizza!

You can do anything you like on the pizza, and the kids love assembling. sw.me loves prawns on hers for example.

Try not to put really oily things on top, because puff pastry is already buttery and oily and so it the cheese. And nothing that is going to drip water out.

Pesto Prawn                                 Salmon & Roma Tomatoes

Puff Pastry, properly de-thawed
Cheese, mozzarella to be stretchy and cheddar for bite
Sauce/Paste/Flavored Oil, e.g. pesto sauce/tomato paste/chilli oil
Any other ingredients you want on top, e.g. marinated prawns, salami etc

Blind bake the puff pastry first, because I find that if you pile on ingredients first then bake, the puff pasty does not cook under the sauce. I haven't quite figured out how to stop it puffing up when I blind bake because nothing has been that great so far, but what I am going to try next to: pick the base, then weight it by covering with baking paper and a weight like a little plate for 15 mins then over cover bake for another 5 mins.

Then once it's done, assemble your goodies and pop back in the oven just to melt the cheese or cook the seafood.