Thermal Cooking

Mum has been really lovely and cooking all my confinement food for me and bringing them over in the thermal cooking ware. In the picture is one by Thermos and one by Endo but there are many other manufacturers out there. It is incredibly useful for cooking congee, stewing tea and they come in many sizes, large ones can do soups and stews. The Thermos brand one keeps tea or soup scorching hot for HOURS. So do give it a try. I got one for my sister - in - law as her husband was cooking congee for their daughter from scratch every morning but he would have to leave the pot on the stove which he went to uni then she would switch it off. So I hoped that this would make life easier for them and they said it did, and they could even carry the food with them when they went out vising friends.

The Thermos Shuttle Chef is a cooking utensil which consists of two containers, one inner clad stainless steel pot (for direct heating) and a patented outer vacuum insulated container for heat preserved cooking.
Simply assemble your ingredients into the inner pot and heat on a stove.
After it comes to the boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
Turn off heat and transfer to outer container, close and that's it.
The heat is retained to continue slowly cooking your food for hours without any constant attention.