Ketupat with Crackers AND Red Bean Soup

Last Saturday, at the Chinese school council meeting, one of the ladies brought ketupat with fish crackers and red bean soup. LOVED both. He ate so much of each.

Firstly what is ketupat? The food pornographer describes  with her photos as below: is traditional to serve ketupat (rice cakes) with satay. On this occasion the rice cakes were actually instant ones from a packet (the green packet in the photo). You boil the packets of rice cake mix (top right in the photo) for 60-90 minutes – the individual plastic packets are heatproof so you chuck them straight into the pan. They puff up inside those special plastic packets (bottom right in the photo) as they boil. Then it’s up to you to just remove the plastic and carve the rice into smaller cubes.
Three stages of instant rice cakes  Rice ready to be carved into cakes

Ketupat with Fish Crackers
Instant Ketupat, cooked as per packet and sliced to make oval shapes
Fish Crackers, crushed in the packet.
Cracked Peanuts
Sprinkle the crushed fish crackers and peanuts over the ketupah and serve. It sort of a snack like corn crackers with toppings would be.
Red Bean Soup

dried red beans
dried logan
gula malacca, boiled into a syrup then strained of sediment
white sugar
Rinse the dried red beans, sprinkle with salt to encourage the beans to split when cooking, rinse the salt off then soak for 20 mins.
Boil red beans for 20 mins, add the dried logan for sweetness, the gula malacca syrup, a bit of sago for fun and then add enough white sugar to bring it up to your personal sweetness preference. Boil for another 20 mins.