Chicken Nuggets

I remembered seeing on TV, Jamie Oliver making home made nuggets so looked it up and found this: .
His is infinatly more fancy but I settled for mini Chicken Snitzels basically.
Because I cut my meat thinner I did not need to beat them flat and I suppose like Jamie you could jazz up your breadcrumbs to give more flavour or even coat the meat in mustard etc before flouring.
We baked, but you could also fry.
These can be frozen flat between baking paper, then when frozen put in a bag. Bake from frozen like frozen fish fingers, don't defrost or else the crumb layer will turn to mush.


Chicken Breasts, halved to be thinner and cut into nugget size pieces
Egg, beaten with salt

Preheat oven to hottest temperature possible. Have the temperature high ensures the breadcrumbs crisp up before the meat inside overcooks.
On one plate pour flour, the second plate pour breadcrumbs and in a bowl pour the beaten egg.
Coat the meat in flour, then egg then breadcrumbs so they are completely coated. Place on baking paper on tray.
Bake in oven for appox 15 mins or until breadcrumbs are crispy.
The meat will still be moist and juicy inside.