Lovebird Cake made this adorable lovebird cake for my friends who have just arrived back from her Wedding in Hawaii. Some of us are meeting at a house and each of us are bringing a dish. So I'm bringing ba wei, and is bringing this.

We got the decorating instructions from Party Cakes by Carol Deacon, we borrowed the book from the library. We only had the liquid food colouring, so we had to add some icing sugar to the sugar paste to prevent it from getting too sticky. Remember to 'flour' your rolling pin, surface and hands with icing sugar when working with sugar paste. You can always 'wash' it off your sugar paste later with a damp tissue.

Icing sugar for rolling out
120g pale blue sugarpaste
10g white sugar paste
10g yellow sugar paste
60g dark blue sugar paste
30g green sugar paste
1 cake ( supposed to be baked in a pudding bowl but we didn't have any so we cut a cake to shape so it was narrower on the bottom and wider on the top like a nest)
2 boxes of chocolate sticks (we got the Coles brand)

Make 2 large balls for the body and 2 small balls for the head with the light blue sugar paste.
Make 4 wings and 2 tails with the dark blue sugar paste
Make 4 discs for the eyes with the white sugar paste.
Make 4 triangles for the beaks with the yellow sugar paste.
Use any remaining left over sugar paste to make 4 discs for the eye pupils.
Use any remaining left over sugar paste to make hair and accessories for the birds.
Make leaf shapes with the green sugar paste.
Assemble the birds as per photo.

Level the top of the cake if necessary, ice the cake with the buttercreme, stick the birds on ( we put leaves underneath as well), then build up the sticks around the cake to form the nest.