Mui Choi

These aren't very good photos but this is a pork and preserved mustard dish. Nice and tender meat. People do this dish with duck as well.


1 bulb garlic, in whole cloves
2 thumbs ginger, cut into large chunks
5 spice powder
Soya sauce
1 packet preserved mustard, soaked overnight then sliced
1 kg fatty pork such as belly or trotter, cut into large pieces.

Boil pork until just cooked,  rinse in cold water then drain well. Boiling gets rid of the smell which is in the pork, and rinsing it in cold water causes the marrow to contract and get rid of the smell in the bones.
Fry off garlic, ginger and 5 spice in oil. Add the pork to fry and lastly add the preserved mustard and soy sauce. Pressure cook for an hour after the pressure cooker is up to pressure. The meat should be meltingly tender.