Food Photography

I love taking photos of the food that I like to eat. But safe to say my photos don't do justice to how gorgeous the food actually is. So I've been surfing the net to try to get some clues. Obviously if I learnt how to use the camera that bought me that would help to!

Well the first site is I look up the food that I want to photograph, see how others have done it and make a mental note in my head for next time.

This site has lots of links about introduction to food photography, I like how its got 'movement' in the shots.

This is a book about food photography, where $10 (the entire profit) of each book goes to the Japan relief

White on Rice also has tips on how they style their food

And lastly, this is a website Stone Soup that has beautiful photos but more importantly I'm intrigued on how her recipies have only 5 ingredients and are mostly vegetarian. I might test these out while is in Sydney to see if the whole family will like them Will let you know.