Gabriel's 2nd Birthday's thing this year is trains, he loves them as much as cars and he had a whole Thomas the Tank Engine early engineers set at home. So we thought we'd keep it simple, have it at South Beach playground with family and maybe a friend of two. 

We had crisps, train shaped cheese spread sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, mini pizzas, strawberries, juice boxes, soft drinks, ice cream, and of course cupcakes to make a 2 train shape. We brought a picnic rug and table on which to place food, which didn't deter the seagulls... mental note, bring a food net next time. And of course, helium balloons. There were quite a few ideas we could have played with in the train theme, like traffic light fruit kebabs, or drawing a train set on a paper tablecloth so all the foods are different stops but we decided to make it low key. We didn't even get favors becuase the kids were so young, but there were plenty of inexpensive train whistles etc at Spotlight.

My parents arrived first, then us, then half an hour another family section turned up, then half an hour later a friend turned up, then as we were leaving, another family section turned up and another friend forgot about it. Haha. So it was quite funny, but in a way, you get to spend more quality time when people arrive staggered. 

It was a lovely day, really breezy and sunny. loved playing with his cousin and friend and all the attention from family, and I think he's starting to cotton on that presents are a good thing, not just colorful boxes. Lots of nice memories including some one eating one of the train cupcakes before candle time!