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I've stumbled across this blog a while ago, and although I don't really have time to be on the net a lot I still like to pop back here once in a while. The blogger, Nicole Avery, had written her first book and seeing as how the content on the blog was so well articulated and useful I was determined to purchase it. Luckily my local library was able to order it on for me to read and I have to say I was not disappointed, in fact I am more determined than every to purchase it. I want a signed copy no less! And I am determined that any of my friends, when they get around to having babies (have babies people!) this is going to be given to each of them. 

Anyway how does this relate to food and cooking? It has a whole chapter on how to negotiate the mealtime rush hours and battlefields. I've extracted the below from her website to give you a taste of her wisdom:

1. Menu Planning:
Stress free meal time is essential when you have a busy family. Meal planning allows you to simplify the eating and shopping process in one hit.
So order your book now from !