Dynamic Views

I've going to give this dynamic view on Blogger a try.
The main differences are these:

1. You can select how you want to view the blog on the drop down menu. I've defaulted it to TIMESLIDE View.

2. Arrow right and left to move between posts.
3. Arrow up and down to read the post you have selected
4. Press ESC to exit the posts.

5. Labels and Archive are now accessed via the FLIPCARD View as Label and Date Tabs respectively.

6. As of this moment there is no possibility to put gadgets up but to be realistic the only ones I had were search this site and popular posts. Search this site is essential to me but it has defaulted to the upper right corner.

Lets see how it goes...

Ok I'm back its been about 5 mins and I'm not super impressed.
Under Labels I not all are visible.
Under Date it only goes back to early 2011.
Unless you have photos or pictures, it looks awful.
But it is really handy using keyboard to move between posts rather than scrolling with the mousepad. So if you want to only view recent posts, this is the way to go. If you need to access old posts ( for my recipes!) then not yet, dynamic views have to improve.

Going to see if I can get my old view back... sigh

Back again! Luckily they had a revert to old template. Or else it would have been a lot of button clicking!