Salad Inspirations: Grill'd

I'e decided that I'd like to eat healthier (because to my consternation we've turned into a junk food, tv family, which I never though we'd become) to set an example to the kids, and because I have no ideas when it comes to making veggies exciting, every now and again I'm going to turn to a restaurant and be inspired by them. First up is Grill'd of Claremont Quarter. 
I hope that I actually manage to get into a rhythm of veggie making, will refine page as I go...

  1. Beef, cheese, salad, tomato relish, herb mayo
  2. Beef/Chicken/Lamb/Veggie Substitute, bacon, avocado, cheese, salad, tomato relish, herb mayo
  3. Beef, bacon, fried egg, cheese, beetroot, salad, relish herb mayo
  4. Beef, bacon, avocado, pineapple, salad, relish, herb mayo
  5. Beef, Dijon mustard,  cheese, salad, tomato relish
  6. Beef/Chicken, shredded carrot, coriander, Asian sauce, salad and herbed mayo
  7. Beef/Lamb/Chickpeas, roasted peppers,  cheese, salad, harrissa paste/piri piri sauce 
  8. Chicken, beetroot, shredded carrot, salad, relish, sweet chilli mayo
  9. Chicken/grilled mushrooms, roasted peppers, basil petso, cheese, salad, herbed mayo and balsamic dressing
  10. Chicken, brie, thick cranberry sauce, salad, herbed mayo
  11. Ceasar’s palace: chicken, bacon, fried egg, Parmesan, cos, ceasar dressing and croutons
  12. Beef, egg, rocket, tomato, spinach onion, mustard, salad, beetroot relish, herbed mayo
  13. Beef, bacon, rocket, feta, tomato, Spanish onion, tomato relish, herbed mayo with balsamic dressing
Each Salad to be eaten with wholemeal bread of choice if you want to make it into a more filling meal.