Christmas 2001 Perth

This year my family all went over to Hong Kong and's family stayed in M'sia so it was just us and his sister's family back here at home. 

We decided to have Christmas even lunch at lmm.w's house as it was bigger and we'd just co-ordinate with what food to bring.

I really wanted to get the coca cola cans which had all the reindeers' names on them but even after visiting Big W twice, they were all sold out, but look what I found in Claremont Quarter Coles!

We ended up having for lunch,
from Mum: Christmas Ham, Christmas Cake and Minced Pies,
from lmm.w: nuts, chocolate, crumbed lambs and potatoes, cherry cake, fuirt salad
from us: cracking pork and yorkshire pudding and roast veg, some appetizers, fruit salad.
There was so so much to eat that we had leftovers for dinner and all of Christmas day food as well.
Really scrumptious.

The next day we went to Morning mass then went to the beach to build sandcastles and fly kites.

I didn't know what to expect because its one of the few Christmas's that we've spent without parents. But I really enjoyed it, it was casual, slow, with enough time to really chit chat and connect.
I'll tell you what we did with the leftovers later.