Cookbook: Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids

As and I will be both back to work as of tomorrow, the dilemma is how to have healthy lunches that aren't carbo laden. Not that I have a problem against carbs, but we eat a lot for dinner so there is no need to go overboard, what with our family history of chubbs and diabetes etc. We are mostly Asian after all.

So once again our wonderful library came to the rescue and I borrowed Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids by Amanda Grant. So the 3 things that I really like about this book are:

  • It specifies what quantity a serving is to a child in junior primary and senior primary. Because obviously a serving size is different for a baby or a child or an adult.

  • It specifies what is considered a high level of sugar and salt. Now I already know 10g of sugar per 100g in a product is considered a high level of sugar, from my gestational diabetes days. So now I know that 1.25g of salt per 100g is considered high as well.

  • It gives plenty of do-able sandwich and savory suggestions that actually include fruits and veggies.

Now it gives more options as well such as soups and sweet treats and has lovely images of how to pack these attractivly in a lunchbox. So armed with this knowledge, I think I shall try out Planning Queens's menu planner and get us new bento style lunchboxes and see if we can go this new year with healthier lunches than instant noodles and chocolate. Wish me luck!