Game Pie

Game Pie
Ox Feet Jelly:
Instruct the market to clean the cow or ox feet as thoroughly as possible. Don’t remove the marrow as it gives the jelly. Cut feet into rings and wash with boiling hot water. Boil the feet and throw the first batch of water away. Boil the feet again until feet have melted. Strain and add a bit of wine into stock.

Roast the game, remove bones and slice the meat. Put meat in a double boiler for 1 hour.
Remove the meat and season with 1 big bottle of Lea & Perrins sauce and 1 tsp. allspice. Steam again for 1½ hours. Remove and add wine, salt and pepper to taste. Place the game in a casserole dish. Pour the jelly on top. When cooled, put in refrigerator.

6 cow or ox feet
Game Meat:
3 pigeons
4 quails
1  wild duck
1 partridge
1 male pheasants
4 snipes
Other Ingredients:
1 bottle Lea & Perrins sauce
1 tsp. allspice
White wine or sherry
Salt & pepper