This year Avo turns 80 and Mum and I and the entire family have been secretly working away at this photobook to give to Avo since November 2011. We presented it to her this month in April 2012, while she and Grandpa and my Mum's brother and his family were down to visit from Hong Kong. It was really lovely to catch up with everyone, the kids really took to them all and Mum and Pa put in a huge amount of effort to have their new house ready in time to receive them, as well as putting on some fantastic home meals and barbecues. I wish we could see them more often.
I'd like to put here our prayer for Avo, I really do wish rather desperatly that I could have her natural faith and devoutness and her mischievous fun loving attitude. We all love her so much.

Dear God, 
We thank you for our beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Melin.
May You bless her and hold her in your arms of mercy.
May You be with her through good times and bad.
May You continue to shine through her and bless others around her.
We pray that she may be His light where there is darkness, His hope where there is despair
and His strength to the weak. 
Grant her good health and happiness, and help us all to follow her example.
In Jesus’ name,

Like I said before the whole family pitched in to make this present a reality. 
It is a pity we had problems with the printers and the present came too late for us all to present at the same time, but these things happen.  But I have used them before and they have very good software.
Mum and her brothers choose the recipes, mysq and Mum cooked the dishes, mysq and I took photos, mysy proofread and did the family tree, Mum and her brothers found all the photos, I typed the recipes and formatted. lyyh tested the food, haha. jbp and dap did the prayer. GrandUncle D provided some of the Macanese words.  Mum's brother choose the book title.
We did a bit of research online and also referenced Guilly's old recipes. 
Also luckily we were graced to have photocopies of Avo's Mum's recipes in her own handwriting.

xoxoxo!!!Happy 80th Birthday Mum and Avo and Bisavo!!! xoxoxo