TACHO (Winter casserole)

1 large chicken, cut into large pieces
Soak dried pork skin in water to soften.
Boil the ham hocks with the onions and white peppercorns for 1 ½ hrs on a gentle boil, or for ½ hr in the pressure cooker.
Strain the stock and set the ham hock aside.
Season the chicken and pork belly with salt and pepper, and put on a gentle boil with the reconstituted dried pork skin for ½ hr. Use enough stock to cover the meat by an inch, and set the rest of the stock aside. At this point the meat will be tender but not falling off the bone.
Add the Chinese sausage and the cabbage and boil for another ½ hr until the cabbage is soft, use the set aside stock to top up if necessary.
Taste at the end for salt and pepper.
1 kg pork belly, cut into 2 inch long strips
2 or 3 ham hocks
2 big onions, whole
Dried pork belly skin
6 Chinese sausages, sliced
1 large round cabbage, cut into quarters or eighths
1½ litres water
1 tsp white peppercorns

Tacho is a Macanese evolution of the Portugese dish Cozido.