Melon Bar (Tar's Fav Ice Cream)

My lovely friend t.p, who is also my work collegue, got me an ice cream on Friday. It's called MELON BAR by LOVELEE. (Cute company name!)

t.p been raving about this ice cream, when she and her finacee first tried it in the car, they turned around immediately and went back to the shop to stock up on more. She said, " Once you try, you will want more."

So on Friday, she bought one for p.e's son. The son said "thanks! It's really nice!". He started to eat it then p.e came in and told the son off for eating ice cream while sick. As p.e left, the ice cream fell on the floor and the son and t.p looked at it in dismay. When t.p told me this, I laughed and said I would be sad if my ice cream dropped on the floor too, not because I was scolded!

So today I got to try my ice cream! I was so surprised! It really tastes like chilled ripe honey dew melon, even the smell and texture is there! It's lovely and succulent and sweet, if you can ever use the word succulent for ice cream.

It's made in Korea and only really has fruit flavouring in it, so I was really really amazed as to how the manufacturers acheived this!

If you see this in an Asian grocery shop or in a restaraunt you have to try this.
T.P, I want more ..... pleassse XD