Whipped Cream Icing

I try to cut the sweetness in anything I give to the kids because there are plenty of other ways sugar creeps in and I don't want them to think outrageous sweetness is normal. So I like this whipped cream icing for lighter cakes, its mostly dairy it must be good for you? This goes well with our strawberry cake.

500ml whipping cream
5 level tablespoons of icing sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

Chill a glass bowl and your mixer attachment in the frezzer for a shirt while. Plastic may have oil residues in it and heat will melt the cream.

Take out from frezzer, pour in all yhe cream and whip on medium high until soft peaks form.

Sift in icing sugar so no lumps form and beat on medium low till combined.

Add in vanila and keep beating on medium low until yout cream is the right consistency.

Don't overwhip.

To ice the cake, dollop almost all the icinh on top of the cake and smoothen the top and as the excess cream is pushed over the edge, smoothen it to the sides. You can touch up with the reserved cream. Get into the frigde as soon as possible and only take out at the last moment.