Product Review: Popin Cookin by Kracie

Popin Cookin is a range of DIY sweets where you are given a mould, some jelly powder and instructions on how to make sweets look like various foodstuff. Its a Japanese creation and if you search on You Tube you will find lots of tutorials on how to make it look really realistic! used to watch endless videos of this and whenever we come to Malaysia she goes in search of a Japanese shop to have a bit of fun. This year she told me the price had increaesd to $10 each. $10 AUD or $10 RM I'm not sure and this one was found somewhere in 1Utama shopping centre.

She managed to make the grape flavoured jellied sweetines under extreme duress with the other kids distrubing her, as they waited eagerly for a taste. It's a great way for tweens to pass the time, and get to eat it at the end!