Restaurant Review: The Han Room

For my FIL's 60th birthday dinner we went to the The Han Room in Garden's Mall in Malaysia. We had been here for lunch last year and were really impressed in how they reinterpreted classic dim sum dishes. At that time my favourite was how they made a new dish with the humble midin vegetable. 

So we knew we were in for a treat, especially when FIL told us he had pre-ordered birthday noodles, a traditional Chinese birthay dish, and suckling pig, a roast pig would have been a traditional Dayak birthday dish. FIL even had a discount voucher as a birthday present from the restaurant.

I was a tad embarrassed at the amount of noise that the kids were making, after all some families were here for important occasions like we were, or on dates and this is no casual restaurant. However everyone was very gracious about this, diners and wait staff alike and not all diners came in formally dressed. Casual smart is all that was necessary.

There was no dish that was not perfect. You really have to try the food here if you can. 

A grand entrance!


Birthday Noodles with Crab.
I'm not convinced this is crab, it tastes like chicken to me. But if you ignore that the noodles have a lovely texture.

Mushroom, asparagus and other vegetables, with a meehoon disc to boot!
This was really good, the asparagus was really fresh and tender. Asparagus in Australia is already so expensive, it must be astronomical here.

Frying the drunken prawns by the side of the table.

The drunken prawns!
I don't usually like drunken prawns but I could eat this. So I shall declare it the best drunken prawns I have eaten, and I enjoyed it. however did not like it, even though he is a prawns fanatic. Too "drunken" for him.

Spinach Toufu
Well, it was so yum it disappeared. The toufu is so fresh and it is made with a layer of spinach on it.

Suckling pig!
This was good. There wasn't a lot of meat, but the skin was a crispy delight. The kids all had a turn of attempting to bite the head and there was some random trotter waving around.

Lot G243,G246 &G247, 
Ground Floor, 
The Gardens Mall, 
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL. 
Tel: 03 - 2284 8833 
GPS: 3.117849,101.67522.