Restaurant Review: Little Penang Kafe

I love how this cafe spells "Little" in English and "Kafe" in Malay. It had cute little Nonya tiles displayed and large round aggregate concrete tables inside. 

The nicest dish we had was the Nonya Kuih Pie Tee, literally Top Hats. A metal "hammer" is dipped into batter then into hot oil, then the top hat shaped crisp slips off the hammer and is fished out, cooled then filled with shredded cooked white radish and carrots carrots, little cube of firm toufu, shredded raw chili and a spring of coriander. Its really nice.

We also had Nonya Laksa, but it was called Penang Curry Mee on the menu. It was also quite nice. Not as good as Malacca's Nonya Laksa of course but still good enough to drink all the soup up!

The kids had fishball noodles which devoured at least 10 fishballs. had the kuey teow which he said was only ok. Lots of fresh juice, sugar cane juice, coconut in its shell and friendly service. However we think its pricing for what its serving. 

There is a picture of the Malaysian Prime Minister eating at the restaurant. We didn't see him, but you might!