Cookbook Review: Portugese Cookbooks Wishlist

I have often said that there does not seem to be a lot of books out there about Portuguese decedents food, either from Macau or from Malacca. However I was pleasantly surprised to find a few books about Malaysian Portuguese food in the local bookshop in Spring Mall, as well as some books about Macanese Portuguese food online. I have not bought them...yet. If you have read them, comment what you think about them below.
Malaysian Portuguese Books
Cooking without Borders by Jeanne Pereira 2013
The Eurasian Cookbook by Mary Gomes 2004
Macanese Portuguese Books
(Image of old Macanese books taken from Tasting Table's interview of Abe Conlon at
Above are some Macanese Cookbooks that may be out of print, they were nominated by Macanese Chef Abe Conlon interviewed by Tasting Table, an American restaurant review site. The bottom right book is Macanese Cooking: A Journey Across Generations by Cecilia Jeorge 2004. What is still available on is:

Taste of Macau by Annabel Jackson 2004
Cuisines of Portuguese Encounters by Cherie Y Hamilton 2007
Feeding the Dragon by Mary Tate & Nate Tate, 2001 has a small chapter

Eurasian Restaurants

It doesn't even seem easy to Malacca Portuguese places to eat in Malaysia, besides the actual Portuguese settlement in Malacca (4, D'Aranjo Road, Melaka 75050 Malaysia) which I haven't been to since I was in Primary School but I still remember how great the food was! However a new restaurant seems to have opened up recently according to the Air Asia magazine I was perusing. 
And I've yet to see a Macanese Restaurant anywhere I go. Obviously I haven't been to Macau yet but I am going to! Stay tuned!