Food Product Review: Milo Drink

Having a Milo drink every morning before school and every night before bed was the hallmark of my childhood in Malaysia. I had it with real imported Australian milk and needed that warm chocolatly hug to soothe me before going to sleep. Even now, everyday I have a Milo with a dash of coffee, I need the coffee to stay awake. 

My children do not seem to love Milo as much as me. But when we came to KL on holiday, the and have been having Milo in a packet every day. Probably becuase it is so much sweeter than when I make it. And maybe becuase cute packaging makes a big difference.

Click here to see Milo's history in Malaysia:

And if you are curious, that gorgeous mug is from DAISO ( which the evquivilant of our AUD$2 shop in Australia. Here every single product really is only RM$5. If I had the luggage space, I would bring back a set of these mugs, and lots of other items as well. DIASO is from AEON, that's Jaya Jusco to all of you who left Malaysia in the 1990's.