Restaurant Review: Chicago Rib House

After watching Disney's Frozen at the movies, and having bail on us before the movie even started, we joined the rest of the family outside Chicago Rib House for a late dinner at 8pm. It seemed fitting that after an American animation with absolutely fantastic singing in it, we would eat American food. There was a 15min wait for a table so I wandered off to shop and when I returned they had ordered already and the kids were screaming with tiredness.

The drink I wanted to try was not available so the waiter suggested this groovy minty concoction. Very refreshing, but I can't remember its name. 

They kindly brought out the kids food first, and it looked rather nice. 2 children per visit can eat for free with 1 paying adult. However even if you have more adults, you cannot add more children. 

Some nachos came out. It was really very ordinary by Perth standards. Notice the beer, they serve pork which most non Chinese places do not do. So if there its pork it is non halal so bring on the booze?

Here is my American hot dog. I think a real American would be really disappointed. Because by Australian standards this is what you get outside Bunnings each weekend (minus the mince topping). Nothing wrong with Bunnings hot dogs because you're expecting cheap and cheerful and the money goes to charity and equally nothing wrong with this. But I was expecting a taste of America. Not that I know what THAT tastes like but it can't be this. 

In Perth you have the wonderful Run Amok in Fremantle or the travelling food van Comida do Sul Brazilian that has to be tracked down on Facebook because even they do not know where they are going to be next. Now that is a hot dog.

We tried another fantastically zingy drink, you can see pilfering it! The waitstaff speak fluent English and are probably the first waitstaff who have a bit of friendly banter and confident relevant food suggestions, which is a welcome change from all the fearful subservience or mute indifference you feel in other restaurants.

Go if you haven't been lucky enough to have a great hot dog in American and Australia yet. Its a nice atmosphere and you get to people watch. I saw a young boy shuffle forward in his flip flops, hair awry, as close to the welcome post as he could before the young girl waitstaff glanced up and looked at him shocked. He managed a self conscience toothy grin, waived manically and said "Hi!". She shot him an embarrassed "Hi" back and little wave back and he shuffled quickly off while she looked around to see if her fellow waitstaff had seen. No one had but me. 

Ah, teenage infatuation. Awkward...

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