Restaurant Review: I Love Yoo!

I Love Yoo! is a new chain (since 2007) that sells fried delights, previously only available from night hawker stalls. While no means as good as getting your Yar Char Kuai fresh from the night hawker who has sold his wares for the last 50 years from his bicycled portable deep frying contraption, I think that many cities don't have this specialist hawker anymore so it is very handy having a chain where you can get pretty good versions of your childhood memories.

We ordered a bit of everything and ate it greedily while walking around the mall. I don't actually know the names of all the tid bits but I recognize them when I see them. Give it a try!

Also read here on their website on the origions of the name of Ya Cha Kuai,!-02-02/ 

I Love Yoo!
in the Food Bazaar food court of Spring Mall
24 Jalan Simpang Tiga

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia