Restaurant Review: Ice Factory

After having a stroll in Sunway Giza mall and meeting Santa who kindly made up a balloon dog for my niece md.w and balloon swords for and, we headed over to Ice Factory in the corner. First impressions of the shaved ice shop were promising, with delightful pop sticks handing from the ceiling and a collage of juicy treats on the wall.

However, I have to say that although Ice Factory has some specific Asian (Taiwanese?) varieties such as yam shaved ices, it really wasn't as good as Icey Ice in Northbridge which is making the same style of desserts. And it wasn't as good as Ice Kacang which is the traditional shaved ice dessert in Malaysia, with all its Asian globes of sweeties and syrup on top. Not as good taste or presentation wise.

For instance Icey Ice freezes blocks of flavoured water then shaves it, pours more syrup over and piles plenty of fruit on top and around in an attractive way too - do try its Mango dessert. However Ice Factory's Mango dessert was just plain ice, with some syrup, a dollop of ice cream and some fruit sagging off one side. If you'd never tried Icey Ice I'm sure you would have thought, "How novel and great!" But if you had tried Icey Ice you would agree with me that it misses the mark.

By the way it has its own restrooms, which is rare for such a tiny shop. But there is no hand soap. As well as that, the balloon creations had unravelled themselves by the end of the meal too.

Address B-16-01 Sunway Giza
No.2 Jalan PJU 5/14,
Kota Damansara,
47810 PJ Selangor,
Telephone +60 3 6143 6013
Business Hours Sunday to Thursday:
-12 pm to 1230 am
Friday and Saturday:
-12 pm to 1 am