Restaurant Review: Nasi Kandar ?

We decided to take away some Nasi Kandar and went to a new restaurant which had taken over the previous Nasi Kandar shop that had been shut down by health officials. Tragically, I cannot remember the name of this Nasi Kandar shop, except that it is in Kota Damandasar and beware there are two shops in close proximity.

I didn't see the old restaurant, but this one is surely fantastic. Spotless. Gleaming. With a small section glassed off for air conditioning and non smokers. Large exhaust fans at the back where the Roti Canai man works at lightning speed turning his balls of dough into fried breads. A glassed off selection of foods at the front, no sneezes and grimy hands will touch your food, here it is handled by the supervisor.

I'm not very familiar with Indian food so I pointed away at stuff to FIL in English who then asked the Indian supervisor in Malay what it was, and the supervisor answered me in English. What a fool I felt. To be fair I have been quite surprised while in KL that most waitstaff or store attendants cannot speak English very well. But if you come here, you will not need to mime your intentions, you will be understood.

We took the food away and when we got home, I am happy to tell you it was very VERY good. We had murtabak with egg, muturbak with beef, chicken, two types of veggies and saces galore. 

But I think if you did not have adorable unruly little ones like I do, it would be even nicer to eat at the restaurant, because the air is cool, the sky is dark and the food is piping hot. I counted 18 staff in total, chefs, waiters, dish washers, cashiers, and the supervisor getting ready for the dinner rush. If you need 18 staff, you know you are good.

somewhere in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47801 Petaling Jaya.