Easter 2014

This year we were blessed to have my relatives and eg.me's relatives fly in from overseas. We had a feast with everyone contributing and heaps and heaps of chocolates (including the ones we made!)

We rejigged the tables so that everyone would fit. But next time we must take the laundry down in the garden, all the photos have underwear in the background!

Easter Menu:

Various nibbles

Blue Cheese salad made by C
Eggplant Parmegana made by Mum
Roast Pork made by eg.me
Roast Lamb made by sw.me and eg.me's Mum
Roast Beef made by eg.me
Ham made by Mum
Mashed Potato made by Ph

Pavlova made by mysy
Truffles made by mysq
Chocolate eggs made by gg.me and rf.me
Lots of other chocolates... made by Lindt!

Cola, juice and wine


Love the cute plastic cups that are around now a days, 
we got cute plastic utensils too, and (ahem) eco friendly bamboo plates!