Our trip to Waroona and Harvey

We wanted to take our visiting relatives to somewhere in WA that had orchards, and assumed that Harvey where a lot of the juice comes from would have ones open to the public. We were in fact wrong and there is not very much for a tourist to see, however it was nice to just be in each other's company and chat. It is a very long drive from Perth (to me) but from your car seat you do gets to see lots of different types of cows, some horses, some lamas even. All the people we met were very very friendly, lots of smiles. I wouldn't really go again, but it was nice to go once.

Well, we stopped to get fuel and popped into the Pinjarra bakery. The sales girls, ice cream and pies are all very good and locally made. A whole bus of policemen and women also stopped to have lunch the same time as we, and gave the boys a friendly wave when they drove off. 

We then went into the tourist information center where there was a beautiful display of quilts. Each were, to my untrained eye, very beautiful and with innovative techniques. It was very small, and we got some advice to view the totem poles, big sofa, silver leaf and antiques store. As we drove we spotted the totem poles and silver leaf, the antiques store was closed and we never saw this big sofa! I was pretty excited about the antiques store, better bargains should be had the further out from the city right?

If you drive and don't stop, you can pass Waroona in less than 3 minutes. It seems smaller than a lot of villages in Malaysia.

Harvey is where a lot of the juice, wine and beef comes from. I didn't realize how big the Harvey business empire was. The map gives you locations on where they are but when you drive past you can't go in, you might be allowed to buy from a little store in front but its not touristy really, besides the actual visitor center. 

It's the size of an actual suburb, and has lots of little bank and other services branches and a tiny tiny shopping center.

The visitor center was lush and green, not like a lot of the other vegetation we passed which was dry and bush land. It had a lovely garden to wonder in.

We also visited a little store selling locally made HaVe cheese, yummy. It had one lone camel at the front. 
It ironically sells ice cream made in Perth.

We lastly went to an orange watch tower near a little wine shop, which had a good sale on locally made wine and the locally made juice here sells half price compared to Perth. We then tried to find a place to eat tea but at 3pm all the food cafe's shut. So we drove back to Perth to find a place to eat there.