KL Meals 19th Dec 2014


Buns from Curve (yum! Except the sambal cheese bun, that was weird)
Take away burrito and various Popilla (would have been nice is the beef was better quality and they used real cheese, staff take real care making but needa to be quicker. Eat fresh so still crispy.)

Chatime RedBean Milk (new taste to me, love it with the jelly bits too!)
Komugi white chocolate red bean (perfection!)

Take away including Pad Thai, Lemongrass Chicken, Pineapple rice and Butter Prawns from Bangkok House (only the butter prawns was delicious,  the rest was ok but for the price not worth it.)

Komugi ice cream layer cake thingees... can't remember the name. (Real nice)
Star choc chip bun too (Also nice)